DR RapidFire Flywheel Log Splitter K10 Electric Model

  • $499.99

Our Flywheel-Powered K10 blows away any splitter in its class. And it does it with clean, electric power and an amazing 1-second cycle time. Use the K10 year-round, indoors our out...and split wood as you need it!

DR RapidFire Flywheel Log SplitterDR RapidFire Flywheel Log Splitter
K10 RapidFire

SIMPLER—the K10 has very few moving parts to go wrong - especially compared to hydraulic splitters with their pumps, valves, pistons, hoses, and fluid.

STRONGER—a 25 lb. flywheel spinning at 490 rpm stores energy from the K10's 110-volt electric motor.

FASTER—energy is unleashed via a rack and pinion gear, achieving a lightning-fast, 1-second cycle time (the time it takes for the ram to split the log AND return!).

Learn about the K10 Log Splitter

Learn about the K10 Log Splitter (1:25)

Product Summary
  • 1-Second Cycle Time
  • Outsplits any 10-Ton hydraulic
  • Automatic ram retraction
  • Safe indoor/outdoor operation
  • Splits 16" logs
  • 2HP, 1060 watt, 110-volt motor
  • Twin 12.5 lb. flywheels
  • 2 Year Warranty (90 day commercial)
Indoor-Outdoor Use

Indoor-Outdoor Use!

With no fumes and very little noise, you can operate the K10 outdoors...or out of the weather in a barn, garage, or front porch.

Powerful Electric Motor

Powerful Electric Motor

2 HP Electric motor plugs into a standard 110-volt outlet and generates 1060 watts of output power.

Auto Retraction

Auto Retraction

With ordinary splitters you have to engage the return lever until the ram is back to its starting position. The RapidFire retracts automatically, leaving your hands free to load the next piece of wood for splitting.

Easy to Maneuver

Easy to Maneuver

Transport handle (on front leg) and 6" diameter wheels allow you to easily move the K10 around your shop or garage like a hand truck.

Compact Storage

Compact Storage

At less than a foot wide and just four feet long, the K10 easily stores under a workbench and transports in the trunk of your car.

Pinion Gear

Twice-Hardened Steel Pinion Gear

The Pinion Gear transfers energy from the Flywheel to the Ram. Industrial steel is case-hardened twice during manufacturing for bomb-proof durability.