DR RapidFire Flywheel Log Splitter K22 Premier Model, Electric Powered

  • $1,499.99

We are pleased to offer an electric-powered version of our K22 RapidFire log splitter. The K22 electric will outsplit any hydraulic splitter in its class, and you can safely use it year-round, indoors or out.


K10 RapidFire

SIMPLER—the K22 has very few moving parts to go wrong, especially compared to hydraulic splitters with their pumps, valves, pistons, hoses, and fluid. Plus, there's no gas, oil, or fumes. Just plug it in and start splitting. What could be simpler?

STRONGER—a 55 lb. flywheel spinning at 400 rpm stores energy from the K22 Electric's 1800-watt, 120-volt electric motor.

FASTER—energy is unleashed via a rack and pinion gear, achieving a lightning-fast, 2.5-second cycle time (the time it takes for the ram to split the log AND return!).

Learn about the K22 Log Splitter

Learn about the K22 Log Splitter (1:22)

Product Summary
  • 2.5-Second Cycle Time
  • Outsplits any 22-Ton hydraulic
  • Automatic ram retraction
  • Splits logs up to 18" long x 30" diameter
  • 1800-watt, 120-volt electric motor
  • 55 lb. flywheel
  • 2 Year Warranty (90 day commercial)

1800 Watt Electric Motor

onvenient 120-volt, plug-in motor delivers a powerful punch without the hassle of gas, oil, and fumes. Plus, enjoy the flexibility of splitting wood indoors or out!

55-lb. Flywheel

The K22’s cast-iron flywheel has more than double the weight and momentum of our K10 Model’s flywheel -- for splitting longer, larger, tougher logs.

Twice-Hardened Steel Pinion Gear

The Pinion Gear transfers energy from the Flywheel to the Ram. Industrial steel is case-hardened twice during manufacturing for bomb-proof durability

Auto retraction on a DR log splitter

Auto Retraction

With ordinary splitters you have to engage the return lever until the ram is back to its starting position. The RapidFire retracts automatically, leaving your hands free to load the next piece of wood for splitting.

16-inch DOT approved all-terrain tires on a DR log splitter

Easy to Maneuver

With a built-in handle and 11" pneumatic wheels, the Premier model is easy to maneuver around your property by hand. Or, purchase the optional Yard Towing Kit and you can tow it behind any vehicle with a pin hitch.

Optional steel work table on a DR log splitter

Heavy-Duty Steel Work Table

The RapidFire’s steel work table means no more stooping down to pick up split logs. After a log is split, the pieces remain at a comfortable working height, so there's no need to bend down to retrieve them for a second split.