Forney 190 MP Welder, "3-in-1" Multiple Welding Processes

Forney 190 MP Welder, "3-in-1" Multiple Welding Processes

  • $1,049.00

Easy to use:
Euro connect torch with Tweco® style consumables
Fast disconnect to swap out torch, clean liner
Improved Design:
Integrated feet
Torch wrap included for cable organization
Torch with built in strain relief which extends cable life
170A @ 20% Duty Cycle 100A @ 60% Duty Cycle 85A @ 100% Duty Cycle
Multiple welding processes (MIG, TIG, Stick)
Easy to switch between processes
Optional spool gun capability for aluminum welding
Enhanced Technology:
Power saving and versatile inverter technology
Adapter plug allows for use with either 230V or 120V
Synergic controls for higher quality welds and spatter reduction
Digital readouts
Multiple trigger modes
Better Wire Feeding:
Upgraded cast aluminum wire drive system
Dual geared idler and drive roll with better de-spooler
More Space:
Larger cabinet for easy access to 4" (1-2 lb.) and 8" (10-11 lb.) spools
Reliable Technology:
Easy to use
Digital readouts
Multiple trigger modes
Advanced synergic electronics
Optional spool gun

General Fabrication
Auto Body
Farm & Ranch
Maintenance & Repair
Quick Specs:

Processes: MIG (GMAW); Flux Cored (FCAW); Stick (SMAW); TIG (GTAW)
Input Power: 230V/120V
Welding Mode: DC CC/CV
Electrode Range & Wire Diameter: Up to 5/32"; Up to .035"
Weight: 43 lbs.
Dimensions: 19" x 9.5" x 16.5"

Torch with 10’ lead
Ground cable and clamp
Stick electrode holder
15’ input power cable
Gas hose & regulator
Warranty: Protected under our industry leading 5/3/1 Warranty.
*TIG Torch not included. (SKU 85654 sold separately.)
*Foot pedal not included. (SKU 85655 sold separately.)