Lincoln Viking 2450 Heavy Metal Welding Helmet

Lincoln Viking 2450 Heavy Metal Welding Helmet

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The Lincoln Viking 2450 Heavy Metal Welding Helmet is a solar-powered auto-darkening helmet loaded with features, and built to demanding specs and packaged with a host of accessories. The Viking 2450 Series has a view size of 3.82 x 2.44 inches. The 2450 offers internal shade controls.

The New Viking auto-darkening cartridges offer a 1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating. The ratings correspond to four very important optical categories. Each category is graded on a scale of 1-3, with a score of 1 being the best and 3 being the lowest quality. The Viking upgraded line offers a perfect 1/1/1/1 clarity rating.

Top Level Quality On Four Parameters:

  • Optical Class - A clear crisp image to help view the weld puddle.
  • Diffusion of Light Class - Absence of hazing for a clear view of the welding arc.
  • Variations in Luminous Transmittance -Shade consistency across the lens.
  • Angle Dependence of Luminous Transmittance Class - Cartridge retains shading when viewed at an angle.

Additional Features:

  • For the customer who refuses to compromise
  • Superior comfort with the new pivot style headgear
  • Process » Stick, TIG, Pulsed TIG, MIG, Pulsed MIG, Flux-Cored, Gouging, Grinding
  • U.S. Standard 4.5 x 5.25 in. cartridge size, 3.82" x 2.44" view size
  • Solar-powered with user replaceable batteries
  • 4 arc sensors
  • Continuous 9-13 Internal Shade control with Grind Mode
  • Continuous Internal Sensitivity and Delay
  • Magnifying 'cheater lens capability
  • Hard hat adapter capability
  • Includes: Sport-Pak Bag, Foose bandana, (2) inside and (5) outside cover lens