MATHESON Select 4043 Alloy Stick Wire (GMAW) (TIG)

MATHESON Select 4043 Alloy Stick Wire (GMAW) (TIG)

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Alloy 4043 is an all-position 5% silicon alloy used to weld heat-treatable base alloys. It is most often used to weld the 6XXX series of alloys.

The silicon addition improves puddle fluidity, producing an appealing bead profile. It is less crack-sensitive on the 6XXX series than other welding alloys.

ABS certified. Conforms to SFA/AWS A5.10 R4043, ISO 18273 S Al 4043 (AlSi5).

Stick Length is 36".

Typical Application:

Welding 6XXX series alloys and most casting alloys. Automotive components such as frames, drive shafts, parts, truck trailers and bicycle frames.

Also, ideally suited for brazing thin aluminum sheeting and tubing.