MATHESON Select E71T-GS Self-Shielding Alloy

MATHESON Select E71T-GS Self-Shielding Alloy

  • $45.00

Self-shielding (no shielding gas needed) carbon steel welding wire for single pass fillet and lap welds on mild and low carbon steel. It has exceptional arc stability, low spatter and excellent operator appeal. Conforms to AWS A5.20 E-71T-GS.

Typical Application:

Ideal for home, workshop and auto body repair. It especially works well on galvanized sheet. Can be used in all positions. It is popular for home workshops.

Features: •

  • DC straight polarity is recommended •
  • Minimizes burn-through on thin sheet metal •
  • Excellent for plain and galvanized steels •
  • A good choice for 110 volt welding machines –- no gas bottle required •
  • Wide weld range of steel thickness, 18 gauge (0.048”) to 1/4” (0.125") •
  • All position capability –- excellent on vertical down welding •
  • No shielding gas means reduced welding costs and the ability to weld in windy conditions •
  • Easily removed slag