Skid Steer Bale Handling & Pallet Forks Attachments

  • $595.00

Superior skid attachments are designed for skid steer and tractor front loaders with quick attach systems.

•Tines are 49" in length and 42mm in diameter

• 44" useable length

Available in a single spike frame (SS-S) or a bale fork with roll-back bars (SS-BF)

SS-S Approx. Weight 155 lbs.- Capacity 3000 lbs.

SS-BF Approx. Weight 205 lbs.- Capacity 3000 lbs.


Superior Pallet fork:

• Adjustable carriage rack setup in 4" increments with locking forks

• Standard 42" in length and optional 48" forks

• Walk through headache rack

SS-PF-42 Approx. Weight  335 lbs.- Capacity 4000 lbs.

SS-PF-48 Approx. Weight 350 lbs.- Capacity 4000 lbs.